Capital Group, Route 70

Memorandum of Agreement 40R NL-SGOD
   Draft MOA 40R 04.20.22
Master Site Plan with 40R
   Capital Group Project Website - The Landing, Lancaster
   MASTER PLAN- MEPA_2021-07-19-CB-01 - 250 Scale (4) (8)
   W181228_MEPA Plan-CB-01 - 250 Scale (4) SEPTEMBER 23 2021
   W181228_MEPA Plan-CB-01 - 250 Scale SEPTEMBER 24 2021
Master Site Plan with 40B
   Capital Group Letter to AHT 05.19.22
   Capital Group 40B Presentation to EDC 05.18.22
   AHT Public Comment 40B Application 05.13.22
   200-Unit For Sale 40B Submittal to MassHousing 04.26.22
   40B Application Comment – Call to Boards
   40B Application Comment – Call to Residents
   40B Meeting & Next Steps – Capital Group & MassHousing
   Capital Commerce - 40B Presentation
   Capital Commerce Center - Alternate B - updated master plan - 102021
   Capital Commerce Center - Alternate B - withTrails Overlay (1)-102021
   Industrial and Residential plan - 40B
Independent Cost Benefit Analysis
   2021-10-29_Lancaster MA FIA FINAL REPORT
   2021-09-20_Lancaster MA FIA DRAFT
Intermunicipal Water Agreement
   Executed Agreement 702 & Leominster.pdf
   Lancaster Leominster IMA executed.pdf
   C-59 documentation.pdf
   Leominster Water Supply Agreement - Exhibit B.pdf
   3-15-2021 minutes DRAFT.pdf
MART Public Transit
   MART Route 8 Lancaster Letter 07.29.21
Settlement Agreement
   Lancaster Town Administrator Letter(4) -101821
   Land Confirmation, Acquisition and Use Agreement - original - yellow lined-101521
   Amended Land Confirmation, Acquisition and Use Agreement - yellow lined-101721
   Land Agreement Land Parcels 1 + 2 - 101921
   Executed Land Acquisition Agreement
   Executed First Amendment Land Conf. Boucher
   Bovenzi and Donovan Letter 
Traffic Mitigation
   Capital Commerce Center Traffic Review 09.07.21
Wastewater Treatment
   X287241ap rev (Lancaster)-147 (1)