Lancaster Intersection Improvements on Route 117/Route 70 at Lunenburg Road & Route 117/Route 70 at Main Street

Project Description, Schedule, Traffic Management, and Critical Path/Baseline Schedules

Project Description

  • The work under this contract consists of safety and traffic operation improvements along approximately 3,155 feet of Main Street / Seven Bridge Road (Route 117), 390 feet of Lunenburg Road (Route 70), and 275 feet of Main Street (Route 70). There will also be some minor paving along Shirley Road (approximately 50 feet) and minor realignments of Otis Street and Buttonwood Lane at Route 117.
  • The project also includes a new drainage trunkline that will run the length of the project and extend roughly 800 feet past the limits of full depth roadway reconstruction. This new drainage will outfall just east of the bridge over the Nashua River.
  • The proposed improvements include the construction of enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. Proposed 5.5 feet sidewalks will begin at the limits of full depth roadway construction and extend to the intersection of Seven Bridge Road and Main Street.
  • An 8-foot cement concrete shared use path is proposed along the south side of Route 117 from the intersection at Lunenburg Road all the way to the Mary Rowlandson School driveway.
  • A bicycle friendly 4-foot shoulder is proposed along the north side of the roadway and a 4-foot shoulder is proposed along the south side of the roadway west of the intersection of Route 117 and Lunenburg Road.
  • Two new traffic signals will be constructed at the intersections of Main Street /Lunenburg Road and Main Street/Seven Bridge Road. The mid-block pedestrian crossings will be removed and the new signals will provide pedestrian actuation for safer roadway crossings.
  • New MUTCD compliant signs and pavement markings will be installed.
  • The work also includes, but is not limited to, earth excavation, pavement fine milling, Superpave asphalt pavement, cement concrete sidewalk, granite curbing, drainage system and utility modifications, tree planting, tree protection, tree removal / pruning / trimming, and other incidental work.
    • Much of the tree trimming and tree removal is to provide adequate space to widen the roadway and relocate the existing utility poles away from the road.

Project Schedule

  • The project was advertised for construction on 3/26/2022 and a contract was awarded to A. F. Amorello and Sons on 5/5/2022.
  • A Notice to Proceed was issued on 5/17/2022 and the work start date was 6/15/2022.
  • The contractor has put up their advance construction signage as of 6/16/22.
  • The landscaping sub-contractor has been on-site performing tree trimming, tree removal, erosion control and installed tree protection. This work is near completion.
  • Drainage work (and related operations) are scheduled to begin in two weeks, July 25th, and will continue for the rest of the year (approximately Thanksgiving).
  • Proposed traffic signal foundations, mast arms and pedestrian signals are scheduled to be constructed in Spring of 2023. However, it is possible that this work will be moved up to this summer/fall.
    • Please note that the signals will not be online and functioning until the roadway construction is near completion (summer 2023).
  • Proposed utility relocations to begin in August 2022 and will continue into the winter.
  • Proposed sidewalk work and roadway widening should begin in summer of 2023 (approximately June).
    • Please note that some of this work may begin in the fall of 2022.
  • Full depth roadway reconstruction will begin in the spring of 2023 (approximately April).
    • Please note that with the lane taking restrictions during the school year, Amorello may move this work to a more favorable time.
  • Fine milling, final paving and line striping are planned for fall of 2023. Along with this work, the new signals will be tested and fully functional.
  • Full beneficial use (i.e. 97% of the work) to be completed by Thanksgiving of 2023.
  • Minor work and punch-list items to be completed in Spring of 2024.

Traffic Management

  • The contractor shall perform all work Monday through Friday (Excluding Holidays) 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • The roadway will be reduced to single lane alternating traffic for large periods of time. Expect delays or seek alternate routes.
  • The Contractor shall not disrupt peak arrival or dismissal periods for Mary Rowlandson Elementary School. No lanes shall be closed on Main Street (Route 117) and Main Street (Route 70) before 8:30 AM and after 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday during the school calendar year.

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