Inspectional Services Department

Department of Inspectional Services issues all permits for the construction trades in accordance with the State Building Codes and Lancaster Zoning Bylaws. Applications for all permits are available at the Town Hall in front of the Inspectional Services Office, as well under Permits and Applications on this web page and under Forms and Documents on this website.

To schedule a building inspection by phone, please contact Debra Dennis, Administrative Assistant, 978-365-3326 ext 1310

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tony Zahariadis Building Commissioner 978-365-3326 x1309
Dennis Monteiro Electrical Inspector (978) 808-1574
David Hinckley Assistant Electrical Inspector (978) 422-0400
Tom Soldi Plumbing / Gas Inspector (978) 365-7719
Kenneth Poulin, Jr. Assistant Plumbing / Gas Inspector (978) 368-1282
Ronald Valinski Sealer of Weights & Measures (978) 365-3326 Ext. 1309