Voter Information & Registration

Your Vote Counts

In order to participate in Town Meeting, Annual Town Elections, State Elections & Primaries, Presidential Elections or hold public office, you must be registered to vote in the community where you live.

Am I eligible to Vote?

To qualify to vote in Massachusetts, you must be:

  • A resident of the town and
  • A United States citizen and
  • At least 18 years of age by the day of the next election.

You will remain on our list of voters as long as you complete the Annual Census. If you move to another city or town, you must re-register in the new community.

Am I already registered in Lancaster?

To find out if you are already a registered voter in Lancaster, click here.

To register to vote, you must complete a voter registration form or register ONLINE at the Secretary of States website ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK

All questions on the voter registration form must be answered truthfully, under the penalty of perjury.

Questions on the affidavit include your name, address and date of birth. If this is the first time you have registered to vote in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you will need to provide identification, either with your registration form, or the first time you vote.

You can register to vote in several ways:

In Person: forms are available in the Town Clerk's Office- Prescott Building, 701 Main Street, 1st floor

By Mail: Complete a mail-in registration form and deliver it to the Town Clerk’s Office. Mail-in registration forms can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk’s Office or download the form online and mail in the voter registration form. You should receive a confirmation notice in a week or so.

At the Registry of Motor Vehicles: You can register to vote, or change your registration at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Keep your receipt until you receive a confirmation notice.

If you do not receive a confirmation in 2 weeks, contact the Town Clerk's Office at 978-365-3326 ext 1013

Note: if you choose to renew your drivers license online, the option to register to vote at the RMV is currently not available.


In order to vote you must be registered:

  • 20 days prior to all primaries and state and local elections, Annual Town Meetings, and/or
  • 10 days before a Special Town Meeting.


Absentee Voting Information

Massachusetts allows voters to vote by absentee ballot if they:

  • Will be absent from your city or town on election day, and/or
  • Have a physical disability that prevents your voting at the polling place, and/or
  • Cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs.

Click here for more information, or for an Absentee Ballot Application.

Click here for information on Voting for Military and Overseas US Citizens.