Town Forest Committee

Mission Statement

Chartered by the Select Board in 1946, the Lancaster Town Forest Committee is charged with preserving and enhancing the Forest’s ecological health, conserving the Forest’s natural habitat for threatened and endangered plants and wildlife, and promoting responsible uses of the Forest’s abundant resources for recreational and educational purposes by the Town’s residents, their guests and others.

The Committee seeks to carry out its responsibilities by:

  • Instituting sound silviculture practices, including generating and applying a professional Forest Management Plan, scheduling selective logging of the Forest canopy to encourage healthy new growth on the ground, repairing existing roads and culverts when damaged by seasonal storms, and building new roads as needed to facilitate fire and emergency vehicle access to the Forest.
  • Developing a biodiversity catalog of the Forest’s flora and fauna and posting and enforcing such restrictions on vehicular and other uses of the Forest as may reasonably be expected to protect its living resources without unduly impeding public access and enjoyment.
  • Creating parking areas, trails and camp grounds and providing signage, trail maps and media promotion to encourage public awareness and low-impact use of the Forest for all-season walking, horseback riding and group outings, and such seasonal activities as picnicking, hunting, cross-country skiing, skating and snowmobiling.

Please-no pedal or motorized dirt bikes and no ORVs at any time.

The harvest in the town forest will begin in early November and last through mid-December. During that time the forest will be closed for recreational purposes. I would encourage folks to explore some of the other recreation areas in town during this time. Please see the trails and bikeway committee page for ideas.

The Lancaster Town Forest Committee Projects in Progress

  • Five Year plan
  • Walking Tour Information Kiosk at Brockelman Road entrance

Town Forest Committee Members

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184 Devonshire Way



942 Main Street