1. What benefits does Massachusetts offer for 100% disabled veterans?

Auto Excise Tax: Massachusetts General Law, (Chapter 60A, Section 1), provides that no excise tax shall be paid by World War II, Korean or Vietnam veterans who have lost one or both feet or both hands, or who is receiving a VA award for loss of one eye or who according to the VA has permanent impairment of vision of both eyes or who has lost both legs or both arms. This exemption does not apply to more than one personal vehicle, owned and registered by the veteran.

Note: Former POW’s do not have to pay excise tax if the law has been accepted by their city or town.

Auto Sales Tax: Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 64H, Section 6(u)), provides that a person who has suffered the loss of, or permanent loss of use of, both legs or both arms or one leg and one arm, does not have to pay the sales tax. Again, this applies to one motor vehicle only, for personal, non-commercial use.

100% Disabled Property Tax Exemption: Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 22E) provides that the homes of those who meet the Massachusetts definition of veteran, and who, as a result of disabilities contracted while in such wartime service and in the line of duty, have a disability rating of 100% as determined by the VA and are incapable of working, and who were domiciled in the state for six months before entering the service, or who have lived in the state for 5 years prior to the date of filing, are entitled to an abatement of $600 or to $6,000 of the taxable valuation of real property, whichever is the greater.

100% Disabled Annuitants: Under Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 115, Section 6B), those veterans who are determined to be 100% disabled by the VA as a result of enemy action or an accident certified by said VA to be service connected shall be paid the sum of $2,000 annually. Click here for more information.

Housing: Under Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 121B) families of disabled veterans, as defined by Massachusetts law, whose disability is service connected, as determined by the VA, shall be given first preference in tenant selection.

Disabled Veterans’ License Plates: Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 90, Section 2) provides that veterans, as defined by Massachusetts law, who by reasons of their military service, have suffered the loss of, or permanent loss of the use of one or both hands or feet; or who have permanent impairment of vision in both eyes; or any other disability or handicap of such veterans that may be determined by the medical advisory board of the Registry, are eligible to receive, free of charge, disabled veterans' motor vehicle registration plates and are exempt from the biannual registration renewal fee. Click here for more information.

Please Be Advised: The benefits listed above, apply to 100% Disabled Veterans specifically, and do not account for all benefits available. There are a variety of benefits available to certain eligible wartime veterans, or their families, i.e., there is an annuity for spouses and parents of veterans who were killed in combat/action, or died as a result of injuries received in wartime.

Note: For more information on the all benefits please look at the Veterans’ Laws and Benefits Book.