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Primary Functions:

The Lancaster Board of Health performs, on the local level, many important duties relative to the protection of public health, the control of disease, the promotion of sanitary living conditions, and the protection of the environment from damage and pollution.

The Board also provides information and referral to appropriate agencies and responds to inquiries and complaints on matters affecting the public health.

Mandated duties of the LBOH include:

  • Health care and disease control
  • Enforcement of housing and dwelling codes
  • Monitoring of, and providing for, hazardous waste disposal
  • Enforcement of Title 5 (the State Environmental Code relative to septage and garbage)
  • Investigating nuisances which may be injurious to health and safety
  • Enforcing Chapter X of the State Sanitary code involving food service establishments
  • Enforcing Title 2 of the State Environmental Code regarding safety and sanitation of pools and beaches
  • Annual testing of food establishments, tanning facilities and massage facilities
  • Reporting and monitoring communicable diseases as determined by the MA Dept. of Public Health
  • Under the subdivision control law, the Board of Health has important responsibilities with regard to subdivision plan review and, under Title 5, inspections of septic system installation and maintenance.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
William J. Brookings R.S. Nashoba Assoc. Boards of Health (978) 772-3335 Ext. 304
Debra Dennis Administrative Assistant 978-365-3326 ext 1310

Board of Health Members

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35 Pine Hill Road



372 Goss Lane



646 South Meadow Rd