Open Space


The mission of the OSRC is to advance the goals, objectives, and actions of the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan and to serve as a centralizing forum of this effort.

Open Space and Recreation Plan:

We have completed the 2017-2024 Open Space and Recreation Planning update, which makes us both eligible for State funding and to be a key presentation document when conducting other fundraising. The next key step in the process is to implement the updated goals of the Open Space and Recreation Plan, which are as follows:

  • Protect the Town’s water supply; ensure the health of its ponds, streams, wetlands and waterways.
  • Conserve and protect our agricultural lands and farming viability.
  • Protect our contiguous blocks of forestland.
  • Enrich our recreational resources.
  • Improve the connectivity of people and places in order to foster a sense of community.
  • Improve Town-wide communications.
  • Protect and enrich our open space and animal and plant life. 
  • Develop sustainable human and financial resources to support the goals of the Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • Integrate growth and development to preserve Lancaster’s rural feel, scenic vista, historic character, and natural landscape. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brian Keating Planning Director 978-365-3326 X1099