Police Department

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lancaster Police department is to continually be a transformational police department that represents an extension and reflection of the community. We look to inspire positive change as we work towards common goals and meet and exceed community expectations. We aspire to raise the quality of life for all residents while protecting and serving our community. 

As public professionals, we recognize that we must constantly be evolving and redefine our objectives to meet the needs of our community. Together, we must strive to embrace the change our community requires and become all that it needs and desires. 

Community policing is the base that forms our foundation, offering transparency, accountability, and legitimacy as the platforms required to raise the standards of our profession, and open communication holds the key to the successful delivery and implementation of all that we aspire to achieve.

We are confident that working together and two-way listening will go a long way in assuring community goals are recognized and achieved. A strong community partnership will help hold our department accountable to the highest community standards. Only then can we call ourselves Lancaster's police department, and only then will we truly succeed in our mission.

Chief of Police
Everett L. Moody

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Everett L. Moody Chief of Police
Christine Duggan Sergeant
Patrick E. Mortimer Sergeant
Gary L. Henderson Police Officer
Jose Miletti Police Officer
Andrew Shaw Detective
Frederick Hatstat Sergeant
Eric M. Schmidt Police Officer
Patrick Hazelrigg Reserve Officer
Adrienne Gadoua Police Officer
David Wilson Reserve Officer
Connor Sullivan Police Officer
Nicholas Hatstat Police Officer
Regina Brown Matron
Robin Zagwyn Administrative Assistant