Police Department

Mission Statement:

Traditional law enforcement methods alone can not adequately address the problems of violent crime, drugs, traffic concerns and burgeoning prison populations that continue to drain the community and state resources. No single Police Department can on it's own win the battle against crime.In order to be successful law-enforcement officers must gain the community's trust, confidence and support.

Community policing is an integral part of combating crime and improving quality of life in the Town of Lancaster. It is based on the belief that Police officers and private citizens working together can help solve community problems related to crime, fear of crime, and quality-of-life issues. Community policing requires greater citizen responsibility and provides the opportunity for citizens to contribute individually and collectively to improve public safety and quality of life in our Town. It also enhances police professionalism by providing officers the training, technology and motivation to act innovatively to solve Community problems.

The Town of Lancaster Police Department is committed to the principals of Community Policing and welcomes the opportunity to enhance public safety through the development of collaborative efforts between law-enforcement, other local departments, businesses, community/social organizations and most importantly, the citizens of Lancaster.

Chief Edwin H. Burgwinkel

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Edwin H. Burgwinkel Police Chief
Robin Zagwyn Administrative Assistant
Everett L. Moody Lieutenant
Christine Duggan Sergeant
John T. McNally Police Officer
Gary L. Henderson Police Officer
Jose Miletti Police Officer
Andrew Shaw Detective
Frederick Hatstat Sergeant
Eric M. Schmidt Police Officer
Connor Sullivan Police Officer
Douglas DeCesare Reserve Officer
Patrick Hazelrigg Reserve Officer
Stephen Fields Reserve Officer
Adrienne Gadoua Reserve Officer
David Wilson Reserve Officer
Nicholas Hatstat Reserve Officer
Regina Brown Matron
Patrick E. Mortimer Sergeant